First Time Home Buyer Benefits

First Time Home Buyer Benefits

First Time Home Buyer Benefits

Since the explosion of the World Wide Web the majority of home searches are now performed on the internet like Los Angeles Condos. There is so much information that can be found online for prospective home buyers. You can see multiple photographs of the home, take virtual tours of the interior and also find information on the neighborhood as well as the school system. This allows you to really focus in on exactly what you are looking for and where you want to buy. You will be halfway to home ownership by the time you meet with your local realtor.

How Long Does It Take To Buy Your First Home?

A good realtor that listens to what you are looking for will not show you too many homes. After speaking with you they should have a good idea of what is available and what will suit you. Most agents that know what they are doing will perform some type of research and previewing the homes they think are a good fit. Educating yourself as well as your realtor will substantially cut your time from prospective home buyer to home owner significantly.

How Many Homes Will You See?

It might sound odd but consider what you eat prior to viewing homes. There are studies that show a dramatic increase in memory when you consume carbohydrates. I would highly recommend that you do not drink or eat a lot of sugar before looking at homes. Even with a good memory you really should not expect to see more than 15 homes. I would say anything over six or seven homes would cause a brain overload. I find that you will start to confuse the details of some of the homes that you saw.

Don’t Fall In Love Right Away

One thing that happens quite a bit when searching for a home is getting enamored with the first home that you see. When shopping for a home, shop as if you were purchasing a car. It’s not very wise to run out and buy the first car you see is it? Of course not! Take your time and weigh all the pros and cons of each home you see.

How To Rate What You See

Take pictures! Take multiple photos inside and out an make sure that you are able to identify the order of photographs

Bring a notepad. Write down everything that catches your eye. Both the good and the not so good.

Look at the surrounding neighborhood

How is the location? Do you love it or just like it?

Rate the homes in your notepad as you leave.

Go Back And Look Again

This advice is only for the home that you really like. Tell your agent that you want to see the homes that you rated highly again. Seeing them one more time might change your opinion the second time. Buying a home is one of the most important things you will ever purchase. Buyer’s remorse for a high ticket item such as a house will can cause major stress on you and your entire family.

After this your agent should begin contacting the seller’s agent to check any incoming offers and to get a feeling of the seller’s motivation.

Picking The Home To Purchase

A good agent will tend to already know ahead of time which home you are more inclined to buy through instinct and experience. That doesn’t mean you should let them tell you what you want however. Let your decision be yours alone. After all you will be the one living in the home and paying the mortgage. You should also be aware that your agent is required to inform you of any defects of the home you chose as well as any issues of the prior homes that you viewed.