About Us

About Us

Invest in Multifamily was originally started to preserve wealth and create cash flow.  That remains the goal as we continue to invest and look for opportunities in apartment buildings.

Jonathan Winick was educated in Arizona and was on Law Review when he received his Juris Doctorate.   Has had a successful career trading stock options for a hedge fund, while working at the Chicago Options Exchange and American Exchange.  Next he worked in wealth management for Merrill Lynch advising high net worth clients on asset allocation.  It was during this time that he saw the strong performance of multifamily and began investing in apartment buildings. He began as a passive investor, and then moved on to syndicating properties to benefit other investors.

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are key tenets to our successful business.  Apartment investing is an industry where we can create a true win for all parties. The operator and passive investor are given a fair return, and the tenant receives the value of having a secure, safe, updated and clean place to live.

Investing in stabilized, value add multifamily apartments is a tried and true asset class that has held its value, produced strong cash flow and returns with less volatility than the stock market and other investments.

Passion = Results

Being passionate and loving what we do allows us to excel at our work everyday. Consistent action allows us to show massive results for our communities of residents and investors. Let us give you a summary of what makes Invest In Multifamily LLC so special.

20+ years Financial Asset Allocation Experience

$20MM Equity Raised

$50MM - Total assets under management

3000+ Units Equity Owner

Targeting Texas and Arizona MSA’s for Investments

Conservative Underwriting