Sell Your Home: A Guide to Staging

Sell Your Home: A Guide to Staging

The best way to sell you house is to show it off to potential buyers. That means you will be inconveniently told to leave your home every time a Realtor has a showing. I’m sure the thought of this going on for months is terrifying to you. So, why not speed up the process? Whether you are selling a million dollar home or a one bedroom studio it is important to stage you home.

Staging is like a job interview. You would’t go in with out having taken a shower nor would you go dressed in a pair your old blue jeans. The same is with you home. First impressions are key and buyers are quick to judge. So here are some steadfast ways to stage your home for a successful showing or open house.

First and foremost, clean your home. Despite its obviousness, I’ve been to open houses where this has been overlooked. Give everything a good wipe down. Clean off the spot on the wall; get the grime out of the shower ; mop the floor. Many times you aren’t given much notice before a showing so it is important to keep up on the basic cleaning. Assume that there will be a surprise showing even if there’s not.

Second, de-personalize your home. I buyer shouldn’t be made to feel like they are a visitor; they need to be able to see themselves living in your home. So, remove family pictures and other personal items. Take down, fix or replace anything that has too much personality. The lime green paint on your bedroom wall is best painted over. The more neutral your home is, the more people it will appeal to.

De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter. A buyer won’t know the full potential of your home it the cant see it for all the stuff. For some of you that means you might need to rent a storage unit. Take out all the unnecessary items as possible. Put away all of you kitchen appliances that are on the counter; hide all of your toiletries. Pack away your collectibles, trinkets and doodads. You will be surprised at how much bigger you home looks with less stuff and that’s exactly what we want the buyers to see.

Though it is completely ridiculous, buyers have the tendency to judge a home based on its d├ęcor. You and I both know that the so called “putrid bedspread,” won’t be sold with the house but it still leaves a bad taste in the buyers mouth. So take the time to update such things. Spending a little extra money on things like slipcovers for the couches or new curtains will help to prevent a buyer from being distracted from the actual tributes of you home.
Make you home appear “move in ready.” You don’t want your buyers to be overwhelmed with a list of things that need to be done if they move in. So, patch up that crack in the wall, replace any burnt out light bulbs, and rap up any unfinished home improvement projects you started. A few, small repairs here and there will pay off.

Last, make your home warm and inviting. Plug in a few air fresheners and have the Realtor light a few candles. Make any special amenities stand out. For example, if you have a large soaking tub in the master bath, fill it up and drop a few rose petals in it. Tease them with the thought of how great it would be to get in that tub. Getting the buyer to start imagining themselves living your home it the key to a timely, successful sale.

With a little sweat and careful thought you will be able to make your home appeal to a greater amount of people. You will be increasing you chances of finding a buyer that wants what you have faster because you helped them see the potential of your home. So, good luck and I wish you an enjoyable experience as you stage and sell your home.