If You Don’t Update Major Systems Today, Home Buyers Won’t Bite Later

If You Don’t Update Major Systems Today, Home Buyers Won’t Bite Later

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Home sellers will have an easier time selling their houses when all of the major systems have been updated to code.

Some potential home sellers head straight to the siding guys when they want to sell an older home. Home sellers need to realize that for most home buyers, the most important aspect of home buying is having a place that they can move into right away. The siding is just frosting. Buyers want to know that cake is good, too.

There are three major systems that sellers absolutely need to update in order to sell their homes, especially in a slow market. Because the market is slow, and it is a “buyer’s market,” any home seller that wants to sell their home in a reasonable amount of time needs to make the house as attractive as possible. This goes beyond the siding and coat of paint. This means the new family should be able to move in right away.

Electrical System

The first major system that house sellers need to be update in order to attract home buyers is the electrical system. In some parts of the country, the electrical system is still using fuse boxes. Fuse boxes are outdated, impractical, and simply cannot handle the same wattage as the newer circuit breaker system.

The other problem with homes still using the fuse system is that they are not equipped to handle the larger appliances, or even the sheer number of appliances used in homes today.

Another way to update the electrical system is to have overhead lighting installed, plus have more electrical outlets added in each room. The electrical outlets should all be able to handle three-prong plugs.

House buyers are looking for everyday, modern conveniences in homes, even older houses

Plumbing and Sceptic

The second major system that sellers need to be update in order to attract house buyers is the plumbing and sceptic system. While this can cost $10,000 or more to the seller, an out of date septic system may be the difference between an offer and months of silence. The buyer is in a more financially capable situation of updating the septic system than the buyer will be. A buyer wants a house they can move in to right away, and use all of the facilities including sinks, toilets and showers.


The third major system that home sellers need to be update in order to attract home buyers is the heating system. Buyers, especially those will children, do not want to be told that the downstairs heaters are enough to heat the second floor.

Heating in some parts of U.S. is essential for seven to nine months of the year or more. Every room, including the bathroom should have some kind of heating element. The heating system itself should be new or updated. House sellers could also install extra thermostats, adding to the energyefficiency of the residence.

Sellers need to recognize that it is a tough selling market and any house update they do will only make their house more attractive and affordable to potential buyers.